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About Curio Creative Agency

Good design is good for business!
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About us


Curio Company Goal

We help businesses and organizations fine-tune their brand strategy, giving them a better chance for success. Unlike some design groups, we invest extra time in building relationships with our clients in order to help them reach their goals. We accomplish this through the proper use of graphic design, web design, photography and social media marketing. This allows us to create designs that truly represent the core of who our clients are.

A Little History

In 2014 Cyndee Adkins said a prayer and took a leap of faith and stepped away from the corporate world. As a sole proprietor, Cyndee Adkins Design was founded in 2014. The company name was later changed to Curio Creative Agency to represent how the company has grown.  We have been going strong and our customer base has been growing ever since.

We have gone from a one-person team to a five-person super-team! Together we have been able to mentor each other and grow with each other as successful business owners. As I grow and expand my business, I want to thank the Lord God first and foremost for placing these amazing people in my life and allowing us to live the life of freedom and creativity we have today.

Our Design & Marketing Process


Depending on the project, we'll research every project in detail first. From scoping out your competitors, to digging into your company history!


We get back to the basics here! We'll mock up some designs, get with you, and decide on a game plan!


We get our creative juices flowing here. This is where the project really takes on life, visually!


When it comes to digital design, our web design is thoughtfully put together to meet today's design standards!

A Little More About Us

Curio Creative Agency is made up of a group of creative people, passionate about nothing more than finding thoughtful and engaging solutions to our clients’ design problems. Collectively, we have over 65  years of design and marketing experience. Our goal is to provide this experience and these collective skillsets to those that need it at an affordable and respectable price. We aren’t the cheapest out there, nor are we going to be able to provide a super-fast turn around 100% of the time. Great design takes research and time. We will, however, provide high quality and stunning work that will wow your clientele and make you shine above your competition, 100% of the time.

We believe in timeless graphic and web design that will continue to serve our clients year after year. We direct our clients creatively, ensuring they always end up with a design that feels uniquely theirs. We take into account every last detail so our clients don’t have to, knowing their projects are in safe hands. If you are thinking of working with us,  as our client, we hope to exceed your expectations while striving to ensure every project comes in on time and on budget.

If you are interested in partnering with Curio Creative Agency as a contracted company, please send us a message! We’d love to see what you might be able to add to our team.

We believe that great communication results in better design, so we work closely with our clients on each project, no matter how small THEY may think it is. We are a select network of independent designers that specialize in web design, branding, graphic design, marketing,  photography, copywriting, and programming. This gives us the flexibility to deliver projects large and small as a group.

Meet The Curio Creative Design Crew

Cyndee Adkins


Founder, Owner, Designer, Creative Consultant

I want to start out by giving all the credit to God for what he has done in my life. I truly believe he has lead me on this path. He has time over time shown me that he has plans for me and has helped me more than once to follow that path. In 2014, I quit a dream job at a fortune 500 company to stay at home, raise my daughter, and start a design company of my own. I’m not going to lie, that was scary and tough, and I cried a lot making such a huge decision. I really loved that job, but something was just not right in my life. It’s now been three years, and I still love what I do as a business owner and designer. I’ve also been blessed with a second child (a boy this time!) in 2016, and the business has been blessed to continue and prosper! I just want to say, “Thanks God. You rock.”

As far as my experience goes, I’ve been working in the design field since 2007, either professionally or freelancing. My portfolio includes a broad range of projects including graphic design, video, brand idenity, and web design. I have worked for the start-em-up companies, as well as a fortune 500 company in the span of my professional working career. I studied at Marshall University, graduating with a BFA, emphasis in Graphic Design. For fun I took some programing classes, painting, ceremics and photography to broaden my skillsets.

When I am not working, I enjoy the freedom of spending time with my husband, two little kidos, homeschooling, taking our three shiba inus for walks, traveling to visit family, horseback riding, painting, sipping tea and Netflix binge-watching while eating a whole watermelon…by myself. I thank God for all of these blessings.


Owner of Teel Design Group, Designer, Painter, Creative Consultant

Michael attended college at West Virginia State University, then went onto The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He has worked as a designer for 28 years for several small Advertising and Design firms and one Fortune 500 company in the Washington DC area. He is a member of the West Virginia Allied Artists and has exhibited in several juried art shows throughout the state. The West Virginia Culture and History Juried Show featured two of his paintings, “Friends of Fossilized Carbon” and “Appalachia Gothic.”

As you’ve probably gathered, Michael enjoys painting in his free time, as well as spending time with his family, traveling and walking his dogs.

Michael Teel
Sean Hyde


CEO of Ideation Digital

Sean is the go-to guy to help small business owners show up in Google, get more engagement on social media, use email marketing properly for small to medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations. He is our guy for creating strategies for organizations to maximize their marketing dollars through cutting edge SEO/SEM, social media marketing, online media buying, mobile marketing, and email marketing tactics. He has so many certifications, I’m sure he’s lost count by now.

In his free time, he does volunteer work, on the Board and Marketing Committee at Habitat and he mentors with the Dream Chasers Program. He’s on the Downtown Charleston Task Force. He likes spending time with his friends, going to the gym, reading, and traveling.