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Your branding can make or break your marking, so make sure you're branding matches your customer target market.

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Company Branding Services

Starting a new business and need a logo designed? Maybe you already have a logo but want to improve upon it?


Feel like your target customer market isn’t responding to your marketing efforts?


No website, or need to update your outdated website to meet todays SEO standards?


Whatever the case, we can help you get the design results that you need to help your brand really shine. Click through below for our most common branding solutions for our clients.

Services we can offer...

Graphic Design

There are many graphic design services that are needed for your branding, and many of those will be listed here below. Each graphic design job will be worked within Adobe software, and exported for either print or web, depending on it’s purpose.


We will keep your design files on file with our company indefinitely, for when you need to come back and have updates done to your collateral work or web work. 

The first thing your customers will notice about your business is usually your logo. For this reason, you need a logo that connects with those you’re trying to sell your goods or offer your services to. We can offer logo design that includes a clever mixture of design skills, creative theory and thoughtful application!

During the logo design process, we will help you hone your branding as well. After all, they go hand-in-hand, don’t they? That being said, we know that different business owners have different needs. For this reason, we provide a variety of brand identity pricing packages.


You can get design services just for your logo only, the logo with branding products such as business cards, a logo with branding and a website, or all the above with a social media design package to fully get you started. If none of these packages meet your needs, we are happy to put together a custom proposal.

Each Logo Design comes with the following:

  • 5 Logo options
  • 5 logo revisions
  • Logo variations: Black and white, gray scale, flat color, gradient color
  • Logo file formats: PNG, JPEG, EPS, PDF
  • Print design spec sheet
Business Card Design and Printing

Just like print, business cards are not dead, and are still used quite often. Over the years they have expanded to become quite creative! We can turn an ordinary plain business card, to a memorable impression and conversation starter.


Not interested in anything fancy? No problem! Our business card designs range from very basic contact information, to very illustrated and detailed branding.


Whatever your need, we can help you meet your goals of having an eye catching card for your business meetings and networking events. 


We offer the following business card printing and design capabilities: 

  • Gold or silver foil
  • Spot gloss (UV)
  • Raised spot gloss
  • Flat, gloss, silk, cotton, wood, linen, plastic, metal, Onyx Suede Cards finishes
  • Colored edges
  • Rounded corners
  • Custom Die Cuts
Corporate Identity
Curio Creative Agency will help you present your corporate identity with a unique and comprehensive visual concept. We offer Corporate Identity Design Services that are sure to make you stand out and have your client market wanting to engage with your products or services.

You are going to want a designer that can specialize in creating memorable and enduring brand images that show the most important aspects of your business. We help you meet this goal and establish and strengthen your brand image.

We will carefully determines the specific elements your corporate identity development needs to strengthen to engage your target audience. These are features that both educate and move your customers. This is accomplished through your logo, branding images, business cards, brochures, websites, product labels and more. Your business doesn’t have the privilege of not being “judged” by its cover. Your cover is literally what you put out there first. Your Branding is your cover and it needs to speak a thousands words to your customers to make them want to buy, and then return to buy again. It needs to be able to be marketed easily and easily understood by all. We can help you accomplish all the above.

Any print design that we do for our clients we can also handle ordering the printing for them. There’s no need to go to a second middle man. We don’t do the printing in-house but we do have trusted local printers in the area that we’ve used for years. We also have more advanced printers for those jobs that the local guys cannot handle. 

Have something designed by a previous designer that’s no longer responsive to your requests, or has gone out of business? We can help there to and review the documents you have and help you either re-create it or set the files up to be printer friendly, send it off to print, and await your gleeful cheers for a job well done!

Have a specific printer that you already want to use? Not a problem either! Before we start a project, we’ll reach out to them and find out their printer specs for the job to make sure our work is set up for success to send to your preferred printer. We’ll even package it up and send the files ourselves so that you don’t have to. 

Business or Corporate Presentations

Business or Corporate Presentations are a must when you are pitching ideas to investors, clients and partners. We follow a thorough process that provides excellent PowerPoint corporate presentation design with an elegant visualization of your ideals and vision for your company.

You want (and need) to be as compelling to your audience as possible to send the right message  in your meetings and seminars. We are very comfortable in helping you look your best, at the most sensitive of times. 


We offer the following services:

  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Deck Presentations
  • Digital Annual reports/Website Annual Reports
Sales or Office Collateral

Sales collateral is content designed and developed to complement your sales process in a stunning visual manor. Your sales team will use your sales collateral in an effort to move your prospects through the buyer’s journey and convert them to customers. Due to this, it’s important that your sales collateral speaks 1,000 words, in less than a 1,000 words… We use stunning branding and imagery to accomplish this.


The bottom line is that your sales collateral content is most-critical when arming your sales team with the resources they need to build relationships, convert customers, and generate revenue. Do not slack in this… poorly designed sales collateral will hurt your branding and cause your sales to suffer.


What Types of Sales Collateral are there?

We can determin which specific sales collateral items that your company needs developed for your sales team depends by just asking a few key questions.

  1. Who are we selling to?
  2. What questions do they have, and when do they typically ask them?
  3. What types of content will effectively answer these questions?


The best sales collateral works in tandem with your buyer’s journey. Even the best-designed collateral won’t convert if it’s not relevant to and helpful for whatever stage your prospects or customer are in.


Collateral Sale Items and Discovery Examples:

  • Datasheets
  • Case studies
  • Buyer’s guide
  • Product brochure
  • Website Landing
  • Pricing guides
  • Sales call scripts and email templates
  • Product presentations and demos
  • Competitor comparisons
  • FAQ and knowledge base
  • Customer newsletters
  • Workshops
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Customer surveys and feedback opportunities
  • Customer live events / product demos
  • Social media pages, event, groups and live videos
Trade Show Booth Materials

Details coming soon…

Proposal Decks

Details coming soon…

Annual Reports

Details coming soon…

let's go into some detail...

For your convenience, we explain the process of some of the services above. Please call for up-to-date-pricing.

Branding Packages for New Business Startups

These packages below are for brand new business that haven’t thought about their company name, logo, or branding of any kind. They’re great for the entrepreneurs and quick startups. 

Branding + Logo

Basic Branding Package
$ 1,200 Per Business
  • Brand research
  • Logo design in PDF, EPS, PNG, JPEG, and SVG
  • Logo versions in color, high-detail color, black, and white
  • Logo printer spec sheet

Branding + Social Package

Everything in the Logo Package, plus the following…
$ 1,600 Per Business
  • Social media setup for 3 social media platforms
  • Headers, profile photos, etc. for social media

Branding + Collateral

Everything in the Logo, Social Package package, plus the following…
$ 3,000 Per Business
  • Branding identity + Style guide
  • 100 Business cards + Design
  • Letterheads / Collateral

Branding + Web

Everything in the Logo, Social, Branding package, plus the following…
$ 7,500 Per Business
  • Basic wordpress website (Up to 5 pages)
  • Annual website Hosting and Managed Services @ $650/Year
  • URL Registration & SSL

Customize your design order

The above packages are just a sample and a way for me to add a bulk discount on a package deal. Any and all design services can be added to any brand identity pricing package if needed. For example, envelopes or mailers, brochures, pocket folders, stickers, signage, booklets, etc. We can ensure the look and feel of your first pieces of collateral match the branding you’re going for perfectly. There’s nothing worse than hiring someone to do your logo and branding, and then having another designer come in to finish the work for you and not truly understand what you are going for, throwing off your branding all together right out of the gate.

Once you have the foundation done, your own in-house designer or other freelancers can more easily assist in future projects because they will have beautiful and thoughtful files to work with. You will have some well established previous designs and design files in a nice library for them to work from. We keep all of our clients work in the cloud for easy access for them, and others they work with in the future.

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