The Curio Creative Process

Ready to learn how we get things done?

We take an idea, do a bit of brainstorming, put it to paper, streamline it to digital, and out comes a well-thought-out design. It’s not magic, although you may think it is! We enjoy starting projects from scratch, just as much as we enjoy taking existing projects and improving on them the best we can. We’ll help you develop it out from a marketing standpoint and create graphics to convey the message you truly want to share with your customers.
  • Discovery

    You'll provide background information about your company and goals for the website.

  • Branding

    This optional phase provides a logo, curated fonts, brand colors, and a digital style guide

  • Content Prep

    You'll gather your brand assets and content, then submit them through our content portal.

  • Design

    Our designer will create an interactive prototype so we can decide on the final layout and functionality of the site.

  • Develop

    Our development team will code the site based on the final design.

  • Revise

    We'll work with you to make any changes you've requested through two rounds of feedback with revisions.

  • Test & Launch

    We'll take care of any domain transfers, test it in all major browsers, and let the Google Gods know you exist.

  • Support & Nuture

    You'll get 30 days of free support post-launch. After 30 days, you may continue support by signing up for our care plan.