Social Media Management

Social media is where the party is at!

Social Media Management

Social media is where the party is at!

Monitoring Traffic

Harness the power of social media to get your brand and your services out there…

Account Creations

Build your client email list and keep them informed with your latest specails…

Post Scheduling

Make your website work for you, and bring clients in with organic reach!

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Available Social Media Services

Benefits of a social media manager

We’re excited that you are interested in letting us help manage your social media! In doing so, we will be responsible for researching your industry, as well as your personal business to develop a powerful strategy to market and connect you on a deeper level with your target market! We will also craft a social media posting schedule to your desired social platforms, according to analytical data that demonstrates high user activity. We work with the following social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.
How The Social Media Marketing Timeline Works

Social media is a long-game marketing process. Though it is possible to become a viral sensation overnight — as we wish all of our clients did — it is very rare. Don’t fret though, because we will help guide your business towards social growth and increased follower engagement. The best way to spur growth on any social media platform is to post regularly, and often. The budget you invest in boosting your content/posts and the campaigns you run, as well as managing your platforms, play a large part in how fast your business’s presence on social media will grow.

No matter the social package that you choose, we will monitor your social platforms to ensure that every aspect of your account and postings are running smoothly, are well organized and build the brand persona you would like your business to establish.

What's included in our Social Media Campaigns?
  1. Create Necessary Social Media Platforms:  If you don’t have any social media networks, we will work on creating these for you.
  2. Create a social media strategy plan: We will identify your goals, choose your target market, build your branding for social media, and lay out an annual marketing plan to work off of to set you up for success for years to come.
  3. Campaign Scheduling and Creation: Once your calender is laid out and we have a game plan, we will start brain storming campaigns to run, and drawing up the designs for those campaigns.
  4. Campaign Budgeting: Once the campaigns are approved, we will work with you on developing a monthly budgeting for advertising on the different social media networks.
  5. Tracking and Measuring your Campaigns: During your campaigns we may run some A/B testing to see which ad versions get the best results. Unfortunatly, running campaigns on social media is not a set-it-and-forget-it solution. We will constantly monitor these campaigns and change them up as needed to insure their success. Because each social media has their own analytics to track, measuring these results will be already turned on. We however can help you make sense of that data and use it to your advantage for future campaigns to run. Keep in mind, the more you advertise on social media, the more you will actually learn about your customers interests and habits!

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