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Attractive Web Design

Your resources for a creative and beautifully responsive website, with SEO and Analytics included.

In need of a super slick website, huh?

I think we can help you out there! Every business needs an online presence today. Google is the new yellow pages, after all. Because of this, a website is quite often the first contact a customer or client has with a business owner. Even if you already have a social media presence, it doesn’t help those that choose not to use social media. Your website is your primary tool for attracting and informing your online customer base. Your website will also influence the way your audience perceives you, so it’s important that it’s carefully crafted. Implemented properly, you can use your website for advertising and collecting a great mailing list to get a return on your investment!

How We Handle Web Design

Curio Creative Agency can help you review your online presence and provide your online visitors with a rewarding user-friendly experience. This can be done with a brand new web design, or a web design update, if the site bones are good enough to work with. It’s just like a house. If the bones are good, you can give it a great facelift to make it look brand new, and function much better for the user. We have the years of experience needed to supply you with exactly what you need in web design. Our web design services include call to actions, stunning photography or videography, clean coding, mobile-friendly functionality, analytics, social pixels, social integration, and smooth forms. This is all wrapped up into a beautifully crafted and multi-browser tested website. Ah…we love to reach that final product and rejoice with you in its luster…

What Do Our Web Designs Include?

Every website that we develop has a handful of the same services included, such as: 


  1. WordPress web design, with an easy-to-access and functional backend.
  2. Google Analytics and other Google webmaster tools installed.
  3. Social media integration included, including requested social feeds, links, and pixels.
  4. Blog or news story section to help with your SEO/organic reach.
  5. Landing pages for each of your services for SEO and advertising purposes.
  6. Contact page, which will include a contact form, contact phone, and address.
  7. SEO integration for each page, depending on the SEO research that’s been done by the client or purchased through CCA.
  8. Most up to date security and security measures are implemented and installed.


Any additional features needed, or additionally requested plugins are billed in addition to this. Some of these may be the following.


  1. Ecommerce Store. Or product shots.
  2. Newsletter setup and integration.
  3. User backend for subscribers, signup emails, etc.
  4. Online scheduling software. Doctors, lawyers, counselors, etc. use these often.
  5. Custom-built forms for functionality only a programmer can create, that a plugin can’t be purchased for.
  6. WordPress plugins that you request that are in addition to the original quoted design.


Website pricing begins at $1,2oo.

A proper proposal will be submitted to you after an initial phone call is completed. 

The Web Design Process


Depending on the project, we'll research every project in detail first. From scoping out your competitors, to digging into your company history!


We get back to the basics here! We'll mock up some designs, get with you, and decide on a game plan!


We get our creative juices flowing here. This is where the project really takes on life, visually!


When it comes to digital design, our web design is thoughtfully put together to meet today's design standards!


After a web design is completed, we follow it up with monthly and daily web maintenance, insuring its security and longevity!

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