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Our Process - Curio Creative Agency
Hire a local, responsible, talented and trusting design company! We've got the experience and the reviews to back it up! Let us design your next website, logo, business card and more!
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Our Process

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We take an idea, do a bit of brainstorming, put it to paper, streamline it to digital, and out comes a well-thought-out design. It’s not magic, although you may think it is! We enjoy starting projects from scratch, just as much as we enjoy taking existing projects and improving on them the best we can. We’ll help you develop it out from a marketing standpoint and create graphics to convey the message you’re truly wanting to share with your customers.

  • Research

    Depending on the project, we'll research every project in detail first. From scoping out your competitors, to digging into your company history!

  • Sketch

    We get back to the basics here! We'll mock up some designs, get with you, and decide on a game plan!

  • Create

    We get our creative juices flowing here. This is where the project really takes on life, visually!

  • Develop

    When it comes to digital design, our web design is thoughtfully put together to meet today's design standards!

  • Celebrate

    Once a project is completed, we celebrate with YOU! We're always around afterwards too for future help and support.

Research in every design job must be done to create the best results possible. It doesn’t matter what type of job it is. If you don’t know why you’re doing what your doing, you’re end results are going to be flawed. That why you can feel confident that we will do our homework on you, your competitors, your market and your desires. We will make every effort to have all the detailed facts to create the best end results. Taking the time to do this in the very beginning makes all the difference in the end!

Back to the basics. I literally mean it. This is where we pull out our graph paper and colored pencils! We like to start many of our design projects this way, from paper and pencil. It’s the freest way to start the design process. Once a few rough sketches are done, it’s off to digitize them. We then will share a few of those mock-ups with you, our client, to fine tune where the design project will go from there. The only design projects that don’t begin this way would be our web designs, or any photography job.

We get our creative juices flowing here. This is where the project really takes on life, visually! It’s like magic… but cooler. During the process you will get to review the mock-ups in a more finished version. We will then complete as many revisions as we need to, to get every last detail perfect. It doesn’t matter if it is a logo, business card, or an exciting event flyer. Every project is fine-tuned to be exactly what you were looking for.

Wonder how we keep it all together while doing a web project? Once we have all of you website wish-list items, we’ve approved a mock up, then we’re ready to develop! For every web project, we will invite our clients to a project board. From this board we will list our design process, mark project notes, get client approvals and accept new tasks. It’s all very streamlined and easy to use. It cuts down on emails that we both have to hunt for, and keeps the line of communication open and flowing! We’re not like your every-day design group…and it’s definitely a good thing. 🙂

Every project that we undertake we see through to the end. We are with you every step of the way. Every line of code, every sketch and revision, every tear cried, every paper cut, tea cup spilt, and every enlightening moment! We are there working day and night (well 8:30am to 4:30pm) to make your design dreams come true. We will pour our hearts and souls into our work, you can guarantee that! Better yet, after the job is completed, you can count on us to be there to celebrate with you. You can even take us out to eat if you’d like, we wouldn’t complain! Feel free to always reach out to us in the future for any new projects or help and questions about any completed project. We don’t plan on disappearing on you any time soon.

Unless you are already skilled in WordPress, we require all of our customers to purchase site maintenance. WordPress maintenance shouldn’t be an after thought. For the health of your website, you must keep it secured and updated at all times. Don’t fret though. That is what we are here for, and we aim to make it as affordable and as reliable as possible.

Maintenance We Offer

  • Backing up your website
  • Installing theme and plugin updates
  • Processing comments / Deleting spam
  • Setting up security / firewall
  • Keeping track of website health
  • Optimizing your database
  • Optimizing site speed

If you neglect to maintain your website, you expose it to a variety of potential problems, such as increasing the likelihood it’ll be hacked, increasing load speeds, and reducing your search engine rankings. All of which…are just bad-news-bears. We don’t want any of the above to EVER happen to your new awesome website. Agreed?